By admin - Posted on 27 May 2011

Meagher County has seen some flooding in the county the last few days. The most damage seen or reported has been on the South Fork of the Musselshell. While we haven’t been subject to the flooding as seen in other areas of the state, the Bair Museum was victim to flooding in the main house. With help from a local plumbing contractor and the Martinsdale Fire Department, they were able to pump out the basement and put up sand bags.
On the 27th the South Fork of the Musselshell has gone down considerable. Erosion to the new bridge on MT HWY 294 by Martinsdale and to the culverts on Bozeman Fork has the Montana DOT hard at work trying to repair these sites.
Today is much cooler but we have seen a little moisture. We are to see 1 inch of moisture in the valley floor and 1.3 inches in the mountains, between Saturday and Monday. Tuesday we are to see some drying and warmer temps.
All of the State highways are open today. Newlan Creek Rd is closed just off of US HWY 89 N. Also the Lewis & Clark Forest roads and campgrounds are closed.
Meagher County D.E.S. has some sandbags which can be purchased for cost at .45 cents a bag. Contact Rick Seidlitz at 547-4290 or the Sheriff’s Office at 547-3397 to get sandbags or to report any flooding.
Daily Situation Reports can be downloaded below


SITUATION_REPORT[1]_5-26-2011[1].docx15.79 KB
110527-1[1]_5-27-2011.docx18.3 KB
110527-1[1]_5-29-2011.docx18.48 KB
110531-1[1]_5-31-2011[1].docx21.54 KB
110601-1[1]_6-01-2011.docx21.42 KB
110602-1[1]_6-02-2011.docx21.54 KB
110603-1[1]_6-03-2011.docx21.31 KB
110604-1[1]_6-04-2011.docx21.36 KB
110605-1[1]_6-05-2011.docx21.42 KB
110606-1[1]_6-06-2011.docx21.19 KB
110608-1[1]_6-08-2011.docx21.72 KB
110607-1[1]_6-07-2011.docx21.58 KB
110609-1[1]_6-09-2011.docx22.01 KB
110610-1[1]_6-10-2011.docx31.76 KB
110611-1[1]_6-11-2011.docx68.59 KB

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