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D.E.S. Coordinator Duties & Responsibilities


Duties and Responsibilities of the Position
General Statement: This position assumes:
  • Administrative responsibility for the development, establishment, and coordination of a county-wide program for response to emergency situations.
  • Exercises considerable judgment and initiative in coordinating the resources (both public and private) of the community towards program objectives.
  • Establishes and maintains frequent contact with both public and private groups in obtaining input, gaining commitment, and in educating such groups as to the roles in the response system.
  • Directs volunteers in program components.
  • Develops Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) and other plans in written form; monitors such plans; and tests operation in simulated disasters.
  • Provides leadership and coordination of all program components.
  • Acts as the principle advisor on emergency operations to the chief elected officials, assuring coordination among the various governmental and non-governmental agencies that have emergency tasks and responsibilities.
Examples of Work:
  • Establishes Emergency Operations Center, including staffing, procedures, displays, etc.
  • Functions as Public Information Officer for all response agencies during incidents, insuring accurate, timely, and consistent emergency and incident information is disseminated to the affected and general public and to the media.
  • Develops and maintains the county web site for use during incidents and for public education opportunities.
  • Functions as a resource to the executive branch and operating departments regarding requirements and conditions of response to incidents as determined by the county EOP.
  • Coordinates and leads in the development, implementation, monitoring, and testing of operational plans for emergency response.
  • Coordinates with the private sector emergency response agencies (Red Cross, etc.) during planning and response.
  • Coordinates with public sector emergency response and communication agencies.
  • Coordinates with private industry regarding emergency response capabilities and plans.
  • Establishes and maintains warning systems, involving all segments of the community, particularly public sector and private sector emergency response agencies.
  • Establishes, maintains, and monitors public education and training programs.
  • Prepares and presents budgets and forecasts of annual program requirements and objectives.
  • Is responsible for the proper preparation and submission of all federal reports and required documents involving funding associated with the DES program.
  • Takes command and assumes responsibility of the complete operation of the EOC in all emergency situations unless otherwise designated.
  • Ensures chief elected officials are informed of potential emergency situations.
  • Acts as liaison with mutual aid, state, federal, and private response agency officials.
  • Represents the county in the DES Coordinators Association, acting as a state board representative as appropriate and approved by the chief elected officials.
  • Searches for, writes, and manages grants for response agencies when applicable.
  • Coordinates with neighboring counties during planning and response activities.


Public Meetings

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