Wildland Fire Called In

On the 31st of April 2011 Meagher County 911 Dispatch was called by Elisabeth Ohlson reporting a large smoke just over the hill from her house on the Birch Creek Ranch. The County Fire Chief was called and advised to check it out. In responding to the fire the County Chief observed the smoke from town and requested a fire engine be dispatched.

Spring Flooding

Flood Warnings are in effect through Tuesday morning for the counties of Blaine, Chouteau, Cascade, Fergus, Judith Basin, and Meagher.

A Flood Watch is in effect for all other counties with the exception of Gallatin County where a small stream flood advisory is in effect. The Flood Watch will be in effect until further notice. The small stream flood advisory is in effect until at least Monday evening.

Survey Questions

Survey Questions

Common Operating Picture

The common operating picture is being developed as a place to go for all individuals to go and get all the information we have about an incident. If you look at the bottom of this page you will find attached files. The one named Meagher County we have added the named road, private drives, structures, ownership and commissioner districts. RAPMF is the layer which contains the lay out for the concert coming to White Sulphur Springs on the end of July. Flooding is a layer which contains road closures, road damage and photos of the flooding.


On the 8th of February the L.E.P.C. Met at the Meagher County Fire Training Center and reviewed the Emergency Operations Plan, E.O.P. Meagher County received a $15,000 grant to update this plan which was to be completed in March, we just received an extension to July. This grant is a 100% grant, anything Meagher County spends for this review and update will be refunded to Meagher County.

Mega Loads

The mega loads are traveling through Meagher County on US 12 W, to the nine mile intersection. From here it will travel south on US 89 S to the Lennep RD MT 294. Then it will travel east to Martinsdale and back to US 12.
On the morning of March 21st it traveled from Townsend to

Spring Flooding

Watch for spring flooding.  If you are traveling check the route before you leave, we are seeing some closures happening from time to time.
If you see any flooding in Meagher County or property damage from flooding, please report to Meagher County DES Coord. Rick Seidlitz 406 547-4290 rick@meaghercounty.org or to Meagher County 911 at 406 547-3397
Below is the attached Situation Report for the state

Meagher County Fire Calls

Meagher County Fire Department hasn’t seen any Wildland Fire Activity in the last thirty days but we have had some interesting calls. As the volunteers were coming back from the Grassy Mountain Fire training on the 17th of July, they were called to the Airport for fuel leaking from the wing of a King Air airplane. Local aviator Bill Galt was called for assistance. Bill and an aircraft mechanic, who was with him, were able to stop the le

Grassy Mountain Fire Training

On July 17th the Meagher County Fire Department conducted fire training at the Grassy Mountain Lodge, with Grassy Mountain Fire. Participants invited to the training were Meagher County Fire, Grassy Mountain Fire, Lewis & Clark Forest, Helena Forest and Broadwater County Fire. The idea for the training was to further advance the training level of the new fire personnel at Grassy Mountain. The training was also an opportunity to bring together all the fire entities that

June 21 Fire Training & Meeting

On Monday Night, June 21st, the White Sulphur Springs V.F.D. and Meagher County Fire Dept. held their monthly meeting. The four new volunteers from Grassy Mountain, who completed the Wildland Basic Course this last weekend, were also invited to the meeting. Prior to the business meeting, fire volunteers trained on fire engines, 114, 119 and DSL 413.

Public Meetings

No public Meetings

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*Monthly Fire Meeting* Third Monday 7:00 pm Training Center


County Commissioners

Meets 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the month

Court House

City Council

Meets 1st Monday of the month 7:00 pm

City Hall


Meets quarterly on the 2nd Tuesday 12:00 pm

Jan, April, July and Oct.

Training Center

City & County Fire

Meets every Third Monday 7:00 pm

Training Center

Grassy Mountain FD


At Training Center

Board Meeting.


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