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Grassy Mountain Fire Training

By admin - Posted on 10 August 2010

On July 17th the Meagher County Fire Department conducted fire training at the Grassy Mountain Lodge, with Grassy Mountain Fire. Participants invited to the training were Meagher County Fire, Grassy Mountain Fire, Lewis & Clark Forest, Helena Forest and Broadwater County Fire. The idea for the training was to further advance the training level of the new fire personnel at Grassy Mountain. The training was also an opportunity to bring together all the fire entities that could possibly be responding in this area, to a first alarm fire.

Broadwater County participated with one of their brush trucks, manned by Fire Chief Ed Shindoll and one other fireman. Meagher County came with engine 114, tender 119 and the County Road tender. These engines were manned by Danny Tousley, David Collins and Lee Zehntner. Townsend Ranger District, W.S.S. Ranger District, and Helena Forest were all planning to participate, but a fire on the Helena Forest near York broke out, making them unavailable for the training.
Training started at 9:30 am, with a meet and greet. One of the greatest advantages to these types of trainings is that the fire personnel from three fire departments get to meet in training instead of while working under the stress of a true working fire. At 10:00 am, Bill Galt arrived with his B3 Helicopter and the firefighters went through a safety program about helicopter operations on the fire ground. Training then proceeded to the dry hydrant, located in the pond just behind the lodge. Grassy Mountain Fire personnel were trained on drafting from a water source and also how to draft from the dry hydrant if the pond was frozen over. The dry hydrant was purchased by Meagher County Fire.



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