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Meagher County Fire Calls

By admin - Posted on 26 August 2010

Meagher County Fire Department hasn’t seen any Wildland Fire Activity in the last thirty days but we have had some interesting calls. As the volunteers were coming back from the Grassy Mountain Fire training on the 17th of July, they were called to the Airport for fuel leaking from the wing of a King Air airplane. Local aviator Bill Galt was called for assistance. Bill and an aircraft mechanic, who was with him, were able to stop the leak. Meagher County Fire was able to foam the fuel with the new C.A.F.S truck and alleviated any potential ignition of the fuel. When the leak was stopped, the fire department hosed the fuel off of the new apron.
On the 19th of July, both the White Sulphur Springs and Meagher County Fire Departments responded to the report of propane odor in the Lucky Lil’s Casino. After checking out the area and detecting no propane odor and as the business uses no propane, the area was demined safe. At the time of the call, there was a fuel truck filling the fuel tanks on the Town Pump side.
We have had a couple of lightning caused fires in Meagher County, but so far they have all been in the Forest Service jurisdiction. Meagher County was paged out to one of the fires, as first reports had it on private ground. The fire was quickly determined to be within Forest Service jurisdiction, and the County Fire trucks were cancelled before they left the fire hall.
On the 2nd of August, Meagher County Fire and Ambulance Service were called to the Airport for an airplane which had crashed. When emergency service s arrived at the scene it was learned the airplane had crashed with two occupants on board, neither of them suffering any injuries. The pilot had been landing on the grass runway when he swerved to miss a herd of antelope bedded on the runway. When the airplane turned to miss the herd, the landing gear failed causing the plane crash. Severe damage was done to the landing gear, the wing and prop.

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