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Spring D.N.R.C. Fire Truck Inspection

By admin - Posted on 15 June 2010

On the 7th of June 2010 Montana D.N.R.C. arrived for their annual inspection of their fire trucks. Meagher County was the first county in the state to join the D.N.R.C. cooperative program. The D.N.R.C. co-op program supplies fire trucks, training, fire planning and also support for large fires. Meagher County Fire’s responsibility is to assist the state by responding to wildland fires within the county and maintain the trucks.
Meagher County joined the co-op program in the early 60’s and was given 8 fire trucks; two tenders and six brush trucks. In the beginning the D.N.R.C. received surplus military vehicles, refurbished them with fire packages, and placed them in the county. In the last couple of years the D.N.R.C. has replaced two of our engines with new engines. A 2009 Ford F-450 with a 300 gal tank has been placed in Martinsdale and a 2010 Ford F-550 with a 500 gal tank is located in White Sulphur Springs.
Annually the D.N.R.C. comes to inspect these engines to insure they are maintained. This year in the inspection one of the trucks horns didn’t work and there were a couple engines that needed air filters. All in all the inspection went very well. I have to make it to Martinsdale to change the oil and clean the battery cables on the trucks and all required repairs will have been completed.

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