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Make your home fire resistant

By admin - Posted on 28 April 2010

The Meagher County Commission and Fire Chief Seidlitz would like to remind residents to do their part in understanding the importance of fire mitigation and being prepared for the fire season. Two of the most important things for residents to do to be prepared for the fire season are to provide access for fire vehicles and the second is to have a defensible space of 100-feet clearance around their homes and property to give firefighters a chance to save it during a wildfire. With fire season upon us, Meagher County Rural Fire and the County Commissioners urge all residents to follow these simple steps to help protect your property: 

  • Create a defensible area, firebreaks that divert flames around property, by clearing weeds and dry grass at least 100 feet around your home. Property on sloped areas should be cleared at least 100 feet as well, as wind-fed flames can race up hills and mountainsides quickly.
  • Have sufficient roads for egress or regress for large structure trucks.
  • Store flammable liquids in approved safety cans away from occupied buildings.
  • Keep propane tanks clear of vegetation.
  • Keep all combustibles, such as firewood, lawn furniture, picnic tables, etc., away from structures.
  • Clean rain gutters regularly to avoid leaf and needle accumulation.
  • Clear vegetation and other flammable materials from beneath decks or other wooden structures.
  • Remove tree limbs and vegetation that overhang the roof.
  • Remove all branches lower than 6 feet.
  • Dispose of stove or fireplace ashes and charcoal briquettes after soaking them in a metal pail of water for 24 hours.
  • Keep garden hose connected to faucet.


Remember this is the responsibility of the land or home owner.  Meagher County Fire will help all that we can, but it is up to you.

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