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Spring Has Sprung

By admin - Posted on 14 April 2010

County Fire News. 
April 4th 2010
It appears spring has sprung. In the last week Meagher County Fire has been called to several calls for assistance. On the 4th of April at approximately 1:54 pm, Jim Kusek called Meagher County 9-1-1 dispatch. The fire location was on 89 South just before Hwy 294 in a field. He stated he had a fire on his hay wagon and hay bales. Meagher County Fire Was paged and responded with two wildland engines; also responding was Meagher County Sheriff Jon Lopp.
Fire Personnel who responded were Shane Sereday, Otto Ohlson and Aaron Rogers on engine DNRC 1872, David Collins and Mark McDanel on County Engine 112 and Lee Zehntner in his private vehicle. The fire was put out on the hay wagon but the hay bales were unable to be extinguished so they were rolled out and allowed to burn out under control. The ground fuels in the area of the hay wagon were burning, but because of the higher humitites were easily put out.
Late on the same date at approximately 9:03 pm Wheatland County called Meagher County 9-1-1 dispatch and advised of a vehicle accident, a rollover on US 12, somewhere between Checkerboard and Harlowton. Dispatch paged out Meagher County Ambulance, Martinsdale MRU & Fire and Meagher County Fire. Shane Sereday and Lee Zentner responded with the execration engine 114. The accident was found well within Wheatland County and with the assist from Martinsdale and Wheatland County Fire our execration tools were use to gain access to the one trapped victim and were able to remove them from the vehicle. Victim was transported by Wheatland County Ambulance to Harlowton.


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