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Garage Fire

By admin - Posted on 31 May 2011

On the 27th of May at approximately 4:04 pm, Meagher County 9-1-1 was called by Gerald Mallo Jr., about a garage fire at 601 E. Washington. He stated he had been working on a quad (4 Wheeler) in his garage when the bike caught fire. The Meagher County 9-1-1 Dispatch paged out an automatic mutual aid fire page for both City and County Fire Departments.

Sheriff Jon Lopp and Deputy Sheriff Shane Sereday responded to the scene along with County Fire Chief Rick Seidlitz. Fire Volunteers David Wendt, Travis Novark, Sara Driemeyer, Aaron Rogers, Gerald Zarr, Lee Zehntner and City Chief Otto Ohlson responded with City Fire Engines 1 and 2. With the quick and dedicated response of our volunteers there was little damage to the garage and the contents, the quad (4 Wheeler) sustained a large amount of damage. The fuel in the fuel tank was involved in the fire and resisted extinguishment. 
In the investigation it was learned Gerald was working on the quad and was trying to start it when it started on fire. Once the fuel tank became involved in the fire it took a large amount of water to extinguish it. As with many garages, there were several gas cans and a propane tank stored in the garage, with many other chemicals. This causes a unique challenge to the fire personnel.
As always if you see fire trucks responding to an incident, it would be best to stay clear of the area. Give the fire volunteers room to do their job as they have many challenges to deal with and is best they do not have to worry about the safety of bystanders also.


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